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In touch. Together.

Ellu, the app and bracelet that keeps you connected to those you trust the most.

Start your journey

Wake up without a sound

Home, safe and sound!

Always near

Keep me company

Because we care

ellu Pager

Never miss an important message or call again when you use ellu Pager!

ellu e
ellu e

Friend Hub

Have plans? Use the ellu Friend Hub to get organised.

Hey I'm here

Share your location with friends using our "where are you" feature.

Let’s meet up!

Make meeting up with your friends easy. Set the time and place and you’ll be together in no time.

ellu Aware

Send your journey to your friends.

It's the perfect way to let them know where you are, where you're going and when you've arrived.

ellu SOS

Get help when you need it.

Notify your friends

Get help when you need it. Notify your friends with a simple touch of your wristband and app.

SOS live streaming

Your friends will receive your location, live audio and video streaming, and can use Ellu's instant messaging platform to quickly resolve any situation.

Ellu Bracelet Device

In Touch. Together.

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Other features

Explore ellu’s other great features.

  • Timer

    Never burn the pizza again. Set an alarm and ellu will remind you when it’s cooked to perfection.

  • Alarm

    Prefer quiet mornings? Wake up with a gentle nudge from ellu.

  • Leash

    Left your phone in the shop, the café, the taxi? No problem. ellu will let you know.

Join the ellu community

It's simple. Connect your bracelet to your phone via Bluetooth.

Coming soon on the App Store and Google Play.
Check out the trailer to find out more.

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